The Last Sunday

     Last Sunday of the month, we could be approaching the last Sunday of our lives. I do believe we are seeing all the signs before the return of Jesus for His bride. Are you looking for Him? Are you sure your spiritual bags are packed? The Bible clearly teaches we must have our wedding clothes ready for the wedding banquet. I know we all are looking forward to His return but we must never forget what He said to do until He comes for His own.

     Luke 19:13 “So He (Jesus) called ten of His servants, delivered to them ten minas, and said to them, ‘Do business (occupy) till I come.’”

     What does an army do when they occupy a foreign country? They take possession of everything. I know we can’t take over our entire country, but I am confident we are not to be passive little sheep. We are spiritual warriors, tearing down every evil stronghold. So how do we do that? We can’t blow up abortion clinics or shoot evil people, but this is a spiritual battle not physical. I would ask, does our prayer life intimate the kingdom of darkness? Have you taken your spiritual authority in this so-called pandemic? The only way any Christian can do this is through intercessory prayer. Do you think the devil is intimated with your singing or your spiritual philosophy? I am very concerned with leaders who shy away from corporate prayer. We are Pentecostal and Pentecostals pray out loud.  Where does the Bible tell us we can relay our gifts and talents? Nowhere, that’s where, we are to humble ourselves and cry out to the One, the Only One who saves us. We can rise up to a higher realm in these dark days and turn things around by prayer and supplication. Join me in these Prayer Meetings, and if you need help in payer, let our leaders know. That is what we do.   

                                                                   God Bless You,
                                                                Pastor   Roger        

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