The Kingdom of God is Drawing Near

     Reflection and meditation are of great value. After these two weeks, we would be very wise to reflect upon what we experienced with the Murillo Ministries. I do believe this was one of the greatest outpourings in our church. I, for one, believe these services were clearly ordained by the hand of God. Now what we do with these blessings is up to each one of us. I really want to take from these blessings and build upon them. We must take what God has given and go forward in grace and faith.

     I believe our church is entering a whole new era of growth and the miraculous. We fully understand that no church can be built on signs and wonders alone, but God has already given us a sure foundation. We have been preaching and praying for 26 years the same message that Jesus preached. “

Repent for the Kingdom of God is drawing near.”

After John the Baptist was put into prison, Jesus preached the same message as John. (Mark 1:15)

     Churches must never seek the signs and wonders without a sure foundation. Jesus said these signs will accompany or “shall follow” those who preach the good news. Of course the good news is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. What better news could any of us hear that would be more exciting than knowing with absolute certainty that those who believe in Jesus and confess their sins their names are recorded in the “Lamb’s Book of Life.”

     There is no better news then knowing we will be in heaven with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. See you there!

God bless,
Pastor Roger