Norma and I want to thank all of you who helped make our 60th anniversary special. We had a great week off as we traveled to Phoenix to enjoy the playoff games of our great grandsons. Thanks to all of you who kept the fire burning in our absence. We were with you in spirit in every service. It’s always good to take a few days and see new places. Of course, we made a visit to their home church. It was really packed with people and programs. I always seek the Lord for our church when I see something new and different. I preach and teach we all should give ourselves a spiritual examination from time to time. That goes for the entire church body as well. I really believe we are on the right path that leads to heaven. We do not believe there are many paths but only one and it is straight and narrow. It’s not difficult to hear there are many ways to heaven, but we know there is only one and His Name is Jesus. 

     Today I want to reflect on our church direction and be open to hear the Holy Spirit.  Of course, we want to grow but if we compromise on the true Word of God, we could all be led astray. From the beginning God spoke to the foundation of our church must be built upon the Word of Jesus. Prayer, Praise and Worship and the Word of God will build a church that will not fail in times of crises. Any true Christian can see the spiritual attack on the Body of Christ. Shall we go with the crowd or shall we remain true to the vision Jesus clearly gave thirty years ago? I think the solid core of believers know the answer.

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