Resurrection Sunday

 Thank God for Easter, Resurrection Sunday comes, of course, after the most injustice ever done to an innocent man. However, here is proof that God turns for good that which the devil means for bad. This Friday was really Good Friday as every true Christian knows the rest of the story. Yes and we know in the end of time as we know it God is victorious in the person of Jesus Christ. It was the very flesh of God who hung on the old rugged cross. The perfect man and the perfect God who now dwells in His believers by His Holy Spirit. We must keep our faith strong in Jesus and all of you know how to do that. We have taught and encouraged for 30 years. Now our faith is being tested. Please remember untested faith is useless!

   In case you are feeling a little discouraged or anxious, just think what it must be for those who have no faith in God. They rely on themselves and the foolish things the world teaches. I thank God for His only begotten Son who paid our sin debt in full. Not only does He save all who will believe the message of the cross, He lets His followers see the complete picture. The average number of Americans who die daily is around 7500; think about that while the media has people in utter shock and panic.

     I love the Word of God and I know His Word never fails. The Word of God is our sure foundation and we faint not. This can be a wonderful Easter if we will only see it in the Spirit. God is always working, and He knows all about the virus, not only does He know, He is bringing us through it. My prayer is that we all come out of this stronger in our faith and read the times.

     Jesus is coming for His Bride, are you ready?

                                                                   God Bless You,
                                                                  Pastor   Roger   

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