Remembering and Looking Forward

     Yes, this is the weekend we should always remember. Our nation has been under attack for fourteen years and it seems to be getting more intent.
     Someone recently said there is nothing they can do about that. I beg to differ, we can and must pray with faith that God will raise up leaders that will lead our beautiful America back to Him.
     Prayer without faith is like faith without good deeds. We need both to be effective in Christ’s Kingdom. We are entering a new era at Spirit Filled in a program that will help us track our efforts and to see where we can improve in soul winning and assimilation of new families coming into our church.
     I believe God has given us opportunity by sending Gary Lebeck who is setting up this new church software that will help each and every department. We must continue to pray and use the tools God is sending us. We have been blessed with this great facility, really a miracle that God clearly gave us. We are blest with one of the most beautiful and useable sanctuaries in all of Northern Nevada. I know God wants all of us to be more effective in our ministries and fill this church to the very brim.
     I thank God for everyone of you but we cannot say we have arrived, there are thousands who do not have eternal life and it is clearly our assignment to reach those Jesus has assigned to our church. No, we can’t win them all but we can win many as God gives us the increase.
Praise His Name, Pastor Roger