Live can be overwhelming at times. We are living in a day when men’s heart can fail because of fear, Luke 21:26 KJV.

    People often say “Well, I wouldn’t let that bother me if I were you! Well, the truth is, it is not you, no wonder you wouldn’t be bothered. We know we are not all the same when it comes to our individuality. The things that I am allergic to may not affect you in the least. Why wouldn’t it be the same for those spiritual mountains in our lives? The challenges may be very different but the remedy is the same. His name is Jesus Christ the sold rock of our salvation. We must train ourselves to stand upon the Rock of our foundation.
     God is doing great things in our church body. Why would we be surprised at these attacks our enemy is throwing our way? I cannot recall a time in the life of our church when the power was manifested anymore than these last several weeks.
     I have been serving Jesus long enough to know God’s presence. I know His Holy Spirit and I am confident we are in the presence of Almighty God. Let’s not question, let’s just enjoy and keep open to what He is doing in our church. We pray for this renewal to spread throughout this valley.

God bless, Pastor Roger