Looking Forward

      As I write this, we are praying for good weather for the travel and the March for Life on Saturday. We trust we will be with you this Sunday morning. God is blessing our church in many ways, we are only three weeks out from the Mario Murillo revival. We have been revivaled since God birthed our church 26 years ago but now I believe He is going to increase His blessings in a mighty way. I am thankful we are a pro-life church. As we gathered with thousands yesterday, it blessed my heart to be so fortunate to lead this church these past years. I believe God is bringing an answer to our many years of prayers. Yes, we are going to see many people miraculously healed. I am praying God will impart the gift of healings into this body of believers.

     In our daily Bible reading, we are in Exodus where God’s people were being mistreated but God heard their prayers. We know God hears and answers prayer offered in faith. The key is faith which unlocks the door of miracles. Let’s not waste any time trying to figure God out, let’s just come with child-like faith to receive from His loving hand. God wants to bless His people more than we can comprehend. All we must do is to come expecting and believing for great things. I believe this is the great outpouring for our valley.

     Let’s be sure to give God all the glory and keep His name above every name as you and I know He is worthy. Praise His Name!!!!

 God Bless, Pastor Roger