Keeping on Focus on Jesus

          Once again we find ourselves in a very busy time of ministry. Palm Sunday next week, Easter following, City-Wide Prayer this Monday and both Men and Women’s ministry still this month. We also are encouraging everyone to support the Franklin Graham Prayer Rally in Carson City, March 30th at noon in front of the Capitol Building. We are cancelling our Pastors Prayer Meeting in order that we can meet there and pray for our nation and the world. Let’s not forget we have three services scheduled with Mario Murillo April 3rd and 4th.

     Yes, we are busy but we must keep our focus and always keep our eyes on our great Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. All of these services we trust will help win the lost and extend Christ’s Kingdom in our area. We are learning the only way to have fruit that remains is to saturate everything we do in prayer. This is where the main line denominations have errored by allowing the enemy to side track them by losing this vision to pray and win the lost. Of course we want to feed the poor and cloth the naked but we must lead all in need to conversion to Jesus and being grounded in a real spirit filled church.

     Anyone can discern the problems very few have answers to this most difficult questions. Here, at Spirit Filled Church, God has given us a great leadership and great people who know exactly what we are doing. Prayer, Praise/Worship and the Word of God is our sure foundation. My prayer is that we stay with that vision until the rapture of the Bride of Christ. I know it was the Holy Spirit who gave us this truth who so many call too simple. However, I have no doubt God clearly spoke even before we launched the first service. 

Keep the Faith, Pastor Roger