Indian Summer

Fall time in Nevada is known as Indian summer. It is my favorite time of the year. We usually have come out of a long hot summer knowing full well cold weather is on the way. So, we Nevadans, have learned to enjoy this most glorious time and praise God for His blessings.         

     I doubt you’ll read this for a weather report so let me move on to my calling by Christ Himself. That is to seek and save the lost and bind up the broken-hearted. No Pastor could do much, if anything, until he learns this is a body ministry. It takes many hands to get things done in His Kingdom. If you need prove, stop by on a Thursday morning and see all the work that goes on by all of our volunteers.

     Yes, God is blessing our church and of course the boogie man would love to stop this great outpouring even though this is so called witches month, I have never been attacked by a witch or goblin. I have however seen little foxes spoil great vines. Let me remind everyone of us to be on guard against petty arguments that do not amount to a hill of beans. One thing that helps me is if you must be always right and know everything about everything, then so be it. No use trying to help anyone who knows everything because there is nothing you can do that they don’t already know. So, God bless them in the Name of Jesus and all the rest of us will just keep on winning souls.

God Bless, Pastor Roger