House to House Ministries
Here at Spirit Filled Church we love interacting.  Listening to a sermon is a great way to learn the Word, but it is easy to become detached or daydream during a sermon. We can become passive listeners. But,  in our small groups, we discuss the sermon that was preached that morning.  When a few people are together, every individual can be involved and participate. This active involvement is an effective way to learn better.  Below you will find the address and phone numbers of our hosts.
John Waayan & Joe Riggs
5411 W. Ranger Rd
Reno NV 89506

John & Alice Morse

3175 Goldy Way
Sparks NV 89434



Youth Group
Kenny & Melissa Morales
3175 Goldy Way
Sparks, NV  89434
Roy and Carol Burkett
9465 Pinetree Court
Reno, NV  89506
Rodney and Jenni Wallner
6454 Hatteras Court
Sun Valley, NV  89433
Toby and Gloria Stearman
Kim Pittman, Facilitator
532 Aloha Way
Sun Valley, NV  89433