Happy New Year

    I am writing this 9:00am December 31st. If we are not here Sunday morning on January 3, it really will be a happy new year. Not only new year but new everything, praise God! I do want to return thanks to God in the name of Jesus for the great year of 2015. God has blessed our church in so many ways that we could never name them all. I am most thankful for new converts as this really is the bottom line for every Christian church. I also want to give thanks for our church staff that makes my job so easy, and we are all thankful for all the volunteers that keep this building and grounds so beautiful. We could never afford to pay for all this labor of love we enjoy. We do have openings in almost every department, especially on Tuesdays and Thursdays for the cleaning crew. You do not need to be over 70 to apply! The Missionettes are in need of 4 leaders, please pray and ask God where He would assign you to the Helps Ministry.

     Now let’s talk about where we are going as the body of Christ this brand new year. We are believing for 2000 new converts to be added this year, that is ten times increase. You could ask where we would put that many. We are not just believing for this house to be filled but with the other spirit filled churches we network with. We are asking each and everyone of you to be in prayer about these revival meetings coming up with Mario Murillo, timing is crucial! Go on line and type his name in to see what happened these last few months in Branson. That’s what we want in Sparks/Reno. It will only come by intercessory prayer.

God bless Pastor Roger