Discipline and Priorities

We need to learn two principles which are crucial to life.  First, we need to learn the principle of discipline.  Life is not doing what you want to do; it is doing what you ought to do.  Paul said this was a struggle in his life.  Each day he had to deal with doing what was right. 

Secondly, we should learn the principle of priorities.  Your relationship with God is the single, most important relationship in your life.  We must encourage ourselves to set godly priorities and discipline for ourselves and follow them. 

Don’t allow problems that stem from disagreement about minor, “temporal” or non-eternal things derail you from your walk with God.  We tend to be more “problem conscious” than “power conscious.”  Perhaps, this is why Jesus instructed His disciples, on one occasion, to come aside or come apart for a while.   (See Mark6:31)  If you don’t “come apart for a while”, then you might “fall apart for a while.”  Jesus set the example for us by taking time to “unload” in the presence of His Father.  Prayer is an important part of this church and should be. Prayer needs to be an important part in our daily life with God. 

Satan has made it his priority to keep the saints of God from their proprieties.  He does his best to keep us so bogged down in “things” that we forget to spend time with God.

Blessings,  Pastor Tim
3 John 1:2