Count down!!

In two days we will have elected a new president to lead our nation for the next four years. I know all of you are fully aware of this, however, I want to remind all that I believe this is the most important election of our lives. It will, without a doubt, give America opportunity to right a lot of evil that has crept into the federal government. Never in my life have I witnessed such greed, graft and a willful attack against the Word of God. I believe it is part of Christ’s church to preach the truth. To encourage Christians, we must stand up for the Word of God or it will be taken from us. The Bible is clear, we are to have no gods before the Great “I AM”. Of course He is far more important than any earthly leader could ever be. We do know after these last eight years that a president has far more power than we ever believed.

     If anyone examines the issues, it is plain before our eyes who we should stand for. Pro-life or Pro-choice? Obama Care or health care that is reasonable in cost and yet provides for our families. Support marriage between one man and one woman or go directly against God’s word by allowing this evil attack to continue against our God given blessings on Christian marriages and our family.

     It may seem impossible to see these things change but I know you believe in the power of prayer. We pray often and I encourage everyone of you to be here Monday night as we intercede with other churches for God’s perfect will be done on Tuesday. I believe we, at Spirit Filled church, have fulfilled 2 Chronicles 7:14; we have repented for our sins and the sins of our nation, we have turned from our wicked ways, we have been praying corporately for 26 years.

     This is the opportunity we have to ask that our nation would return to God through His only begotten Son.

God Bless You, Pastor Roger