Christ’s Body

 In times like these, we need more of God’s grace than ever before. I thank God for the power of His Holy Spirit. We must pray for our generation in such a stressful day. The only hope is in Jesus Christ; however, most do not see this truth. I want to thank all of you who are so faithful in praying and support this ministry, your ministry! No, we have never seen such an attack on the church, Christ’s Body. We are really being tested as to where our eternal help lies. The Word of God has been warning all of us for years, yet so many just can’t see the truth. Jesus is the truth, and most do not see Him. As we celebrate Pentecost Sunday may we remember its all about His death, burial and resurrection. Had He not given His life; He could never impart His Holy Spirit to those who believe Him. It is the Power of His Holy Spirit that keeps us against all the attacks of the enemy.  

     If we ever have been called to stand together, it Is now. We must believe His word and be His witnesses as never before. Matthew 28:19 is where Jesus gave us the final commission before returning to the Father, the message is very clear to all born-again Christians, the harvest is ready, we must find ways to reach them before it’s too late. I know our church is stronger than ever because we are of those who know the end Is near.

     I am praying we all will be re-baptized in His Holy Spirit and rise to a higher level in His Spirit, not our power or gifting. May this be a day of outpouring we will never forget. God bless each and every one of you as we go forward in His Name. 

                                                                            God Bless,

                                                                           Pastor   Roger                                                        

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