Do Not Throw Away You Confidence

     I want to talk to you about a person you can spot in any group. They have that special “something” that sets them apart, what is it? Their sense of direction – and assurance that they know where they’re going! Their awareness of their own abilities! Their sincerity! Their past success! Their ability to make eye contact and use body language! In a word – CONFIDENCE!  The Bible says in Hebrews 10:35 “Do not cast (throw) away your confidence, which has great reward.”    
     Confidence is taking our present situation – whatever obstacles we’re facing, whatever limitation we’re living with, whatever chronic conditions wear us down, whatever has smashed our dreams, whatever factors in life tend to push us under – it’s okay to admit we don’t like, and ask for help. Sometimes it takes the help of a brother or a sister; but never saying “I can’t get by or handle it.”

     As soon as we say, “I can’t get by,” we are:
Contradicting the promise of God
Failing to draw on the resources that God’s already given us (His Word)
Confidence means having the ability to stand up to whatever test, because Christ has made His strength available – through us!  
God bless, Associate Pastor Tim