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Passion Week

   Today we begin what is known as Passion Week. When we give any thought, we fully agree this should be a week of passion as we celebrate the death, burial and resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This is the greatest act of love that has ever been given to this human race. Anyone who is any kind of a Bible student would have to conclude we were all lost and on our way to hell because we were all sinners.

     Now we who receive His sacrifice for our sin debt have been freed from the sentence of death. We who believe have eternal life because this sinless man gave Himself in our place. I think any Christian who is passionless surely has not clearly understood what He gave for all of us. We know and teach He was God in flesh, gave up His throne in heaven to become a human subject to all our frailties. He, the perfect man, allowed these self-righteous leaders to mock Him, spit upon Him, beat and crucify Him when He could have called 10,000 angels to rescue Him but rather submit to humiliation and death to give all who would believe eternal life.

     Yes, this should be the greatest week for every Christian as we reflect on the truth of eternal life. Jesus promised that we, who stay true to the end will, rule and reign with Him forever! What a grand concept and to think we can’t earn it just believe, receive and have a better life for walking in this truth. I pray this will be the greatest passion week of our live.

God Bless, 
Pastor Roger                                                                 

Keeping on Focus on Jesus

          Once again we find ourselves in a very busy time of ministry. Palm Sunday next week, Easter following, City-Wide Prayer this Monday and both Men and Women’s ministry still this month. We also are encouraging everyone to support the Franklin Graham Prayer Rally in Carson City, March 30th at noon in front of the Capitol Building. We are cancelling our Pastors Prayer Meeting in order that we can meet there and pray for our nation and the world. Let’s not forget we have three services scheduled with Mario Murillo April 3rd and 4th.

     Yes, we are busy but we must keep our focus and always keep our eyes on our great Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. All of these services we trust will help win the lost and extend Christ’s Kingdom in our area. We are learning the only way to have fruit that remains is to saturate everything we do in prayer. This is where the main line denominations have errored by allowing the enemy to side track them by losing this vision to pray and win the lost. Of course we want to feed the poor and cloth the naked but we must lead all in need to conversion to Jesus and being grounded in a real spirit filled church.

     Anyone can discern the problems very few have answers to this most difficult questions. Here, at Spirit Filled Church, God has given us a great leadership and great people who know exactly what we are doing. Prayer, Praise/Worship and the Word of God is our sure foundation. My prayer is that we stay with that vision until the rapture of the Bride of Christ. I know it was the Holy Spirit who gave us this truth who so many call too simple. However, I have no doubt God clearly spoke even before we launched the first service. 

Keep the Faith, Pastor Roger

Eyes on the Prize

     Once again we find ourselves experiencing a very busy month. We must always be careful not to miss what God is saying and doing in our church. Of course we are very concerned about all the other churches we would like to encourage and strengthen, but any seasoned saint of God knows full well we better keep our eyes on Jesus. May we never fail to see and understand what God is doing in our personal walk.

     We are already in the Easter month and I want to be sure I won’t allow the enemy steal this most precious time. Of course, we believe this is one of the most sacred times for all true Christians. We are planning once again to have the great drama portray the crucifixion on Good Friday with Resurrection on Sunday morning.

     Life can be overwhelming but we keep our eyes on the prize. Philippians 3:14, I press on toward the good to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.
     There will always be disgruntled people in their depression that would love to bring others down, but we must rise above those attacks that will steal and kill our joy. We have so much to be thankful for as God continues to pour out His Holy Spirit to new heights of glory.

     As we move forward with these outpourings of God’s revival in our church, we would be naïve not to think the enemy wouldn’t try to put the fire out.

Stay and Pray,
Pastor Roger

The Kingdom of God is Drawing Near

     Reflection and meditation are of great value. After these two weeks, we would be very wise to reflect upon what we experienced with the Murillo Ministries. I do believe this was one of the greatest outpourings in our church. I, for one, believe these services were clearly ordained by the hand of God. Now what we do with these blessings is up to each one of us. I really want to take from these blessings and build upon them. We must take what God has given and go forward in grace and faith.

     I believe our church is entering a whole new era of growth and the miraculous. We fully understand that no church can be built on signs and wonders alone, but God has already given us a sure foundation. We have been preaching and praying for 26 years the same message that Jesus preached. “

Repent for the Kingdom of God is drawing near.”

After John the Baptist was put into prison, Jesus preached the same message as John. (Mark 1:15)

     Churches must never seek the signs and wonders without a sure foundation. Jesus said these signs will accompany or “shall follow” those who preach the good news. Of course the good news is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. What better news could any of us hear that would be more exciting than knowing with absolute certainty that those who believe in Jesus and confess their sins their names are recorded in the “Lamb’s Book of Life.”

     There is no better news then knowing we will be in heaven with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. See you there!

God bless,
Pastor Roger

We’re in revival, now what?

     Praise God, from whom all blessings flow, Praise Him all creatures here below; Praise Him above, ye heavenly host, Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. ‘Thomas Ken’ 1674 and the praise continues into 2016. We are giving praise for these great services; we are blessed through Mario Murillo and his team.

     I still have to pinch myself to realize this really is happening in our church but we know this is our answered prayer. We have believed, labored, sown seed, watered and now we can enjoy the increase God gives. It is no small miracle how these other pastors and churches are getting behind this great move. As I have already stated, this outpouring is not just for our church body but a work that will ignite the whole Northern Nevada.

     Now what do we expect? We expect to see this revival intensify and increase far beyond what has just taken place. We are going to keep right on praying and working until the return or our Lord Jesus. I believe our church is becoming the prayer center for Sparks/Reno. Have you taken note of new people joining in our pre-service prayer meetings. This is a sign that God’s children are hungry for more of Him and less of man’s programs.

     Now we must be aware of the devils tactics, he is always trying to stop God’s outpouring. However, we have learned how to overcome him by the Blood of Jesus and the word of our testimony. He will attack but our God will give us the grace and strength to be victorious. Let’s keep our eyes on Jesus, He is the mighty God of the universe.

God Bless, Pastor Roger

Better than Anticipated!

     You may have heard me say that “anticipation is most often better than arrival!” Well, I am convinced that will not be true with the return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, nor do I believe it is true with these services we begin today with Brother Murillo.

     All we have to do is continue to pray and get out of the way! Our church has believed God for a move of His Holy Spirit that would exceed all expectations for this valley. Jesus has blessed this body mightily for this quarter of a century but God wants to take this blessing throughout the city. We have done our best to convince these churches we network with of these truths, however, even a church can be without honor in its hometown.

     I believe God has chosen Brother Murillo to multiply this blessing as he is well known and respected in the church worldwide. He has already reminded us that he is just an instrument in the hand of God and we receive that truth. We also know God has chosen a few instruments to give extra special anointing, and I know we are blessed to have this Godly couple minister not only to us but all who will come and lift the name of Jesus. Believe and receive your healing in His Name.

     John 4:38 Jesus said, “I sent you to reap what you have not worked for, and you have reaped the benefits of their labor.”

     We know there were pioneers of the faith long before “Spirit Filled Church” was birthed, however, we are part of that movement that longs for the lost to be saved and the sick made well!                               God bless, Pastor Roger

Prepare the way for the Lord!

In the Gospel of Mark 1:3, Mark is quoting the prophet Isaiah “a voice of one calling in the desert, ‘prepare the way for the Lord, make straight paths for Him.’ ”

     Northern Nevada is often referred to as a wilderness, a desert, a boneyard for Pastors. I believe God has been preparing this church to be an instrument in His hands to help bring in this end time harvest. I believe we, at Spirit Filled, are so ready to have the Holy Spirit move in our lives with such power no one could possibly deny.

     We have prepared the way by doing all we can in His Name, now we open our doors with great expectation. The Bible clearly teaches in 1 Corinthians 3 that one plants, one waters but only God can give increase. Let’s invite every person we can who may have a need. Of course, there will be people who want to see or experience a miracle and we welcome them. Let’s just continue in prayer and open our doors to each and everyone in this valley.

     Help me welcome Mario and Michelle Murillo as we expect God will use them to increase the ministry of reaching the lost for the Kingdom of God.

     This is perhaps the greatest opportunity God has given us since He birthed our church 25 years ago. May we all pray and obey as we enjoy God’s presence and have His way in our lives.

God bless, Pastor Roger

Looking Forward

      As I write this, we are praying for good weather for the travel and the March for Life on Saturday. We trust we will be with you this Sunday morning. God is blessing our church in many ways, we are only three weeks out from the Mario Murillo revival. We have been revivaled since God birthed our church 26 years ago but now I believe He is going to increase His blessings in a mighty way. I am thankful we are a pro-life church. As we gathered with thousands yesterday, it blessed my heart to be so fortunate to lead this church these past years. I believe God is bringing an answer to our many years of prayers. Yes, we are going to see many people miraculously healed. I am praying God will impart the gift of healings into this body of believers.

     In our daily Bible reading, we are in Exodus where God’s people were being mistreated but God heard their prayers. We know God hears and answers prayer offered in faith. The key is faith which unlocks the door of miracles. Let’s not waste any time trying to figure God out, let’s just come with child-like faith to receive from His loving hand. God wants to bless His people more than we can comprehend. All we must do is to come expecting and believing for great things. I believe this is the great outpouring for our valley.

     Let’s be sure to give God all the glory and keep His name above every name as you and I know He is worthy. Praise His Name!!!!

 God Bless, Pastor Roger

What Does it Mean to Believe in the Sanctity of Life?

     The phrase “sanctity of life” reflects the belief that, because people are made in God’s image (Genesis 1:26), human life has an inherently sacred attribute that should be protected and respected at all times. While God gave humanity the authority to kill and eat other forms of life (Genesis 9:3), the murdering of other human beings is expressly forbidden, with the penalty being death (Genesis 9:6)

     Humanity was created in God’s image, but sin has corrupted that image. There is nothing inherently sacred in fallen man. The sanctity of human life is not due to the fact that we are such wonderful and good beings. The only reason the sanctity of life applies to humanity is the fact that God created us in His image and set us apart from all other forms of life. Although that image has indeed been marred by sin, His image is still present in humanity. We are like God, and that likeness means that human life is always to be treated with dignity and respect.

     How could any born-again spirit filled Christian allow any type of abortion of our precious babies. Has the conscience of many been so seared we can be blinded by the devil who hates God and His children with a passion? I am convinced that any American that would vote for any office of our government who allows abortion has innocent blood on their hands. Any, as a matter of fact, Christians who won’t bother to vote for “life” candidates, they are equally as guilty.

     One ex-preacher who quit our church said in anger to me “There are a lot more issues than abortion in an election!” I said there are no issues after the one who was aborted! May God help us.                                                      

God Bless, Pastor Roger

What are you attached to?

Never be too attached to this old world or you might get to keep it. 1 John 2:15

“Do not love the world or anything in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him.”   I really believe twenty years ago many Christians were more attached to this world than today.

With all the tragedy and insecurity right now, more and more people are being drawn into a search for rock solid security.

     I challenge all of you to strike up a conversation with any sane person and ask them how they feel about the world’s condition. I am confident most people will agree this world is a mess. Now that leaves the door wide open to the only door that leads to peace and security. We are finding most people in our valley are hungry for the truth and a church where the Holy Spirit is allowed to work through the body of Christ.

     Jesus is the answer to every broken heart. He specializes in healing hearts and giving all of us a reason to serve Him in this ship wrecked world.

     I know God is giving Spirit Filled Church the greatest opportunity we have had since He spoke the church into being. We are praying that we will be able to have Evangelist Mario Murillo first quarter of this new year. I know most of you are praying God’s will for our church and this city where we clearly have been assigned to be a light in a dark world. Thank God for Jesus. He will have His way, all we must do is make a choice to be part of it!

God bless, Pastor Roger