It is not difficult to write to those you love, and I love the Body of Christ, our wonderful church. No, we are not the only Body but we are a Body. One thing I know for sure, we win whether we live or die. Well we are living right now and I think we should be sure and keep our eyes on Jesus and how He redeemed us from death. What a wonderful God we serve and now we are getting a chance to stand up for His Name. We must not be defeated by what the enemy is saying through the media. One person said how can we improve; then the answer was quit watching the news. I agree yet I want to encourage everyone to stay in God’s Word and if possible, gather in these corporate prayer meetings. I know you pray at home same as you have a relationship with Jesus. However, there is power in prayer meetings with the Body of Believers. Jesus is the one who birthed His church. His bride and I for one want to do all I can to bring light in this most difficult time.

     We are in the middle of a crises but our eyes are on Jesus the author and finisher of our faith. Think about that, He began faith in you and I; now He must finish it, How does your faith grow? Untested faith is useless, so our faith must be tested in order to grow. It is not faith in faith but faith in Jesus Christ who is our victory. Jesus has already won the battle and what He wants out of us is to live like we believe it.

     As a born-again Christian, you must believe He defeated the devil on Mount Calvary. He rose from the dead and He is coming back for those who believe in Him. 

     We believe, we serve no matter what the cost.

                                                                            God Bless
                                                                    Pastor   Roger    

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