Faithful Members of Spirit Filled:

          If anyone is bored in this church, you would have to be completely disconnected. How could we be any busier? Our ladies are coming back from a great retreat with some coming from four different states. The Rangers had a great outing and choir is beginning. We have classes for every age and looking forward to City Wide Prayer we are hosting tomorrow night. Several churches have expressed interest in joining in prayer for our nation.
    As busy as we are we have learned above all things to keep our Lord and Savior number one. I pray we never get so active that we canā€™t attend corporate prayer and these great Bible studies for every age. Our school is on break however there are a lot of improvements being made.
    Make time for God even with a busy schedule. If we fail to have some alone time with God, it will show in our lives through our attitude.
    In the 15th chapter of the gospel according to John, Jesus reminds us He is the vine we are the branches. If the branch gets disconnect from the vine, it will die. He also tells us we must produce fruit and when we do, He still prunes us that we might produce even more. Pruning may not feel good at times, but it is much better than the alternative, and that is non-producers will be thrown into the fire. ā€œWithout me you can do nothing.ā€  Nothing that will reap eternal rewards. This is the main reason we must stay in fellowship with like believers. Yes, you are important and when you are absent, part of the body is missing. That could very well be the time Jesus wants to use you to fill your portion of the wall!

                                                                      God Bless
                                                                      Pastor Roger

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