faithful Members of Spirit Filled:
    Celebrating our fathers comes around once a year. I have the honor of celebrating the best dad in the house and your spiritual father, Pastor Roger, or whom I call Pastor Dad. As a young father, the journey took a lifetime of lessons from our father in heaven for my Pastor Dad to become the man he is. He is a better dad today than when he began. My Christian father shared some things in our household that might be worth sharing in your home.  
    My father loved eating dinner around the table. As busy as we were, everyone gathered at 6:00 pm every night to talk about our days, keeping communication open. We prayed over every meal we would eat. We were giving thanks for the food God so generously gave us. We would take turns praying over our meals out loud.  On Sundays, we all went to church! Sunday school, central service, then back again for the evening service. No questions asked; this was our schedule.  Every night before going to bed, a hug, kiss, and “I love you” would finish our days even when involved in disagreements. 
    In our world of 2021, where guidelines are fading, and opinion is louder than love, remember God has created you to be the father of your children. You must love, guide, protect, and encourage them. It can be a terrifying time with many social issues raring their heads. Still, the true enemy of the Christian home is not social media but the enemy of our souls. He wants to divide our homes and take our children away from heaven.
    Men love your wives and treat them well. Preserve your marriage and household, so your children are not put in a position of choosing between you. Protect their innocence; stay in church and follow your pastor. He has traveled many rough roads giving him the wisdom to offer any father.  Stay in the word of God and the house of prayer. Prayer is the protection our children need. Often wives and mothers pick up this mantel. The Bible teaches men to be spiritual leaders in their homes. We need your protection; our children need your intercession. 
    This battle of parenthood is not for the weak-hearted, but God will give you the courage to complete it. “Be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the Lord your God is with your wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9 The giants only look like giants when facing them alone. Your children are waiting for your loving instruction with the strength of God’s word. You can be a better dad in 2021! God gave them to you, so He trusts you with them. 
We love you fathers of Spirit Filled Church! Happy Father’s Day! 

Suszanne Parker

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