May 6th 1990 was our first service in a garage in Spanish Springs. God had given me eleven directives of the first one being “place of worship and house of prayer”. We have, thank God, stood our ground in Him all these years. We have much to celebrate today, as we go back and remember some of those times. 

     I always want first of all to give God in the Name of Jesus for keeping and pouring out His Holy Spirit. And always give thanks to all of you and those in the past that labored so diligently to fulfill the calling God gave Spirit Filled Church. No pastor, no leader will ever build a work without willing workers. We have enjoyed many miracles with signs and wonders in 31 years. And I really believe the best is yet to come.

     I am so thankful for all of you here today and to my wife who has stood by me all these years. There was a time or two I thought I should give up, but Norma reminded me God spoke this church into being and He would complete the work with me or without me. Our vision has always been a soul winning station, by prayer, praise and worship, and the Word of God. We will never know the full impact of this church body until we know as “He knows”. It’s always to soon to quit and with God’s help and His Holy Spirit we will stay the course. It is by the Name of Jesus and His sacrifice on the Cross of Calvary that any man or woman could ever be worthy of eternal life. His blood has made all true believers inherit eternal life in Him. It is by His amazing grace that we are saved. 

                                                                     God Bless
                                                                    Pastor Roger

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